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Star Guardian Urgot is finally coming to League of Legends

One of League’s great memes is now a reality

Star Guardian Urgot splash art Image: Riot Games

As long as the Star Guardian skin line has existed, League of Legends fans have asked for Urgot to be included. It started out as a joke, but after dozens of fan art pieces, the idea of Star Guardian Urgot became a genuine and wholesome wish for fans. Now, in the year of our lord 2020, Riot is finally giving us Star Guardian Urgot — or at least Pajama Guardian Urgot.

The skin is called Pajama Guardian Cosplay Urgot and it was revealed in an teaser trailer that originally came from the Riot France Facebook page. The teaser shows off the cuddlier side of the terrifying crab-monster. He’s dressed like a regular Pajama Guardian skin, complete with tiny, cat slippers on each of his mechanical robot feet. To really pull the look together, it looks like Urgot even got some new particles and animations to go with the skin.

Pajama Guardian Cosplay Urgot is part of this year’s April Fools lineup of skins and is on his way to the Public Beta Environment now. This means he should head to live servers as soon as this latest patch is ready.

Pajama Guardian Cosplay Urgot’s in-game model Image: Riot Games